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About Us

ScreenAds Media Inc. provides your business with High Impact Digital Signage Advertising Solutions. Providing cost effective and targeted delivery of your advertising message at a fraction of the cost of traditional print media. Find out more about the power of Digital Advertising in the following video:

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ScreenAds Media Inc. develop and maintain digital signage networks for small to medium size businesses and organizations. We enable you to save money by reducing the high costs associated with creating and distributing print ad campaigns. We also empower you to make the “green” choice and be responsible with your advertising.

Don’t stop advertising in hard times when your business needs it most. Be wise and advertise smarter. Target the people who are out spending money in your community….not the couch potato coupon clippers!

Led by experienced business professionals, and supported by an expert technological team, ScreenAds Media Inc. is committed to the promotion of this breakthrough advertising and communication vehicle. ScreenAds Media Inc. delivers world-class content utilizing the latest in advanced technology. We are currently in the process of installing LCD screens around Calgary and outlying areas. These screens range in size from 32” to 40”. Our Digital Media System is a dedicated system capable of delivering targeted advertising and Digital Media via our high speed network.

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