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ScreenAds Media has numerous styles of screens available depending on message delivery and environment.There are digital menu boards for the restaurant and bar industries. Information boards for the business and hospitality sectors. ScreenAds Media Screens for Advertising are 40" LCD Displays sectioned into three zones. One large zone and two equal smaller zones for multi media ad placement which is interluded with strong viewer content such as live TV, news and sports information as well as weather. The mix is limitless and completely customizable.
The Screen to the right shows live TV playing in one zone with the other zones playing advertisements as well as flight departure and arrival times. This display would work well in a airport hotel lobby or lounge as well as in a pub located in or near an airport terminal. The live flight information can be mixed with 15 second ads as well as weather information for anywhere in the world.
Many American restaurateurs have anxiously watched and waited as new federal food and menu labeling bills were introduced to the Senate in the fall of 2008. On March 23, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Health Care Reform Act, which included menu labeling language that will require caloric information on chain restaurant menus, menu boards and drive-through displays. Digital Menu Boards allows this information to be changed in minutes on a digital network vs the long turn around time and  high cost of printed Menu Boards.
ScreenAds Media digital screens can be set up in any configuration to meet the needs of the hosting venue or retail location. Our hosting partner establishments can benefit from having their unique offerings directed at there customers in there own establishments while offering local advertisements from local businesses that offer their customers exclusive discounts not found anywhere else. Call today to find out how ScreenAds Media can help your business get your targeted message out to consumers for literally pennies per day.

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