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How Does It All Work?

What if I want an animated ad or full motion ad, but don't have one?
ScreenAds Media Inc has a full production team that can not only design an animated ad for you, which you put on the screens and your website, but can produce a full motion video advertisement for you. Depending on the length of your contract, or how many screens you take, this service could be FREE!

You mention that you will link to my website from I don't have a website, what do I do?
It's not mandatory to connect to your website. However, if you would like to take full advantage of our advertising program, and would like a website created for you, our web department would be happy to work with you. Call or e-mail for more information.

How long will my ad show?
Each ad is scheduled to show for 15 seconds at a time. The ads are rotated and will show up on the screen no less than six times an hour. However, when someone visits, they can see a copy of your ad, coupon and get more information about your company.

Can I put a coupon on without the screen advertising?
The website is exclusively for the use and cross marketing promotion of our screen advertisers. However, when you compare what it would cost for you to participate in a regular coupon advertising program, you'll find out that it is close or more than our screen ad program where you get the coupon site for FREE.

What should I put on my screen ad?
When you think about an effective ad, you want to keep it simple and straight forward. Make sure to include your logo, your number or address and your offer. Some companies want to use it as a branding ad, which is just their logo and phone number (see micro ads). Others have a special offer, which they change each month. Just remember that you have 15 seconds each time the consumer sees your ad, so don't crowd the screen with a lot of information. If you are doing an animated ad or video ad, and need more time, we can set up on a program with 30 - 45 second spots.

Can I design my own ad?
Absolutely. If you have someone that does your artwork or you would like to send us your ad pre-made, please contact  to get the specs you will need to set up your ad.

I have a specific demographic/area that I am trying to reach. How do your screen ads do that?
Depending on the location of our LCD screens, each one will have a particular type of customer or demographic. By choosing specific screens to advertise on, you can target your advertising. Try doubling up your ads on one or two screens to get maximum exposure to your demographic/area.
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